The Secret


I enter the castle looking for my husband, the prince. It is an old castle lit by a dim light, spacious but lacking luxury and extravagance as it is built of stones and wood.

The entrance opens to a long corridor on the right side of which is the prince’s chamber. I open the chamber’s door anxiously as I wish to inform the prince about an amazing thing. But as I am about to enter, I see his father, the king, sitting inside, staring at me with a nasty look. The king frowns at me because I dared to enter without permission.

His attitude chocks me: “Who is more entitled to enter the prince’s chamber than his own wife?!” But I sense through the prince’s silence -as I can only see is his golden silky hair- that they must be discussing a grave matter. I step back without uttering a word so much the king was rude to me, and close the door behind me.

I cross the corridor to a big hall where a group of people is gathered around a table covered with plenty of food, eating and talking together, but no one notices my presence or addresses me.

In my hands, I hold two pieces of bread cut neatly: one has the shape of half a circle, and the second of a quarter of a circle. I also carry two bottles of water: one is big, and the other one is small.

My hands become too weary, so I put everything on a table placed in a corner, and I move slightly away. Then I suddenly feel disturbed as I see someone going near the table; I fear that he might drink from the small bottle’s water. It appears normal like the one in the big bottle, but the truth is that it is not normal at all. It has a secret to it. A wonderful secret that I was about to reveal to my husband. One that I do not want anyone else to know.

I move quickly towards the table, pretending that I want to cover the bread with a piece of cloth so that it would stay fresh. I grab the two bottles. I turn around to find the king standing right in front of me, fixing me with his eyes, wondering what I am doing. I avoid looking in his eyes, and run away carrying my precious secret.


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