I am a certified publishing professional with 20 years of experience in the field. I am fluent in Arabic, English and French and have a good command of Italian. My professional services include – but are not limited to – writing, editing and translation. I have translated over 35 books (mainly novels and children’s books) and have recently released my first two children’s stories: “Adam and the Fish” and “Zaky the Smart Lamb,” which were both published in Arabic, English and French.

In 1999, I  joined Dar Akhbar Al-Yom, an Egyptian press foundation, first as a
freelance translator, then as a permanent journalist, simultaneously working in three of its weekly publications: Akhbar Al-Adab (literary newspaper), Akhbar Al-Nogoum (entertainment magazine) and Akhbar Al-Yom (weekly general newspaper).

In 2001, I  joined the team of Dar El-Shorouk, an Egyptian publishing house, as
projects manager, children’s books department. My job required a big involvement in the production process of children’s books, which included: writing evaluation reports on manuscripts suggested for publishing, negotiating terms of copyrights agreements, editing, translating, collaborating with authors and illustrators and following up on the design phase.

In 2007, I moved to Shorouk Bookstores (a sister company of Dar El-Shorouk’€™s) as area manager, where I was running the operations of three of its branches.

In 2013, I  joined the Book and Magazine Publishing Program, at the Story Arts Centre, Centennial College, Canada, from which I graduated in June 2014.

For samples of my work, please check this website’s posts and categories.

For more information, please check my Linkedin profile.

For any inquiries or request for quotations, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: myriam.rizkallah@gmail.com.


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