Challenge for Change Logo

Logo design for the Challenge for Change organization:



Astrology in Ancient Civilisations – iBook

Astrology in Ancient Civilisations – iBook

This post shows the steps followed to create the content and the layout of the above mentioned interactive Ebook.

1- Persona & Style

Educational Publication – Persona-Style-Assets- M. Rizkallah

2- Flat Plan

Layout for Educational Publications – Flat Plan – M. Rizkallah

3- PDF of the book

iBook Assignment – Sec.2 – M. Rizkallah

4- Video of the book’s interactivity


ENTREE – Food & Travel Prototype Magazine

ENTREE – Food & Travel Prototype Magazine

This post displays the creation of the identity and content of the above mentioned magazine as well as its marketing plan.

1- Magazine Cover

Entree Cover 19-3-2014

2- Magazine TOC

Entree TOC 19-3-2014

3- Magazine Ad

Entree – Poster 2-19-3

4- Magazine Marketing Plan

ENTREE Marketing Plan Presentation